Wait and see – Tuesday 24th October 2023

Wait and see

The vet says we have to wait and see with my leg. The infection seems to have cleared. There is still a lump but he doesn’t know if that might be scar tissue from my operation. Otherwise it might be some sort of foreign body under the skin. The good news is that he doesn’t think it’s my sarcoma again. As there did seem to be a wound at the top of my leg, the most likely is that it was from one of the times Rafa had a go at me and we just hadn’t realised until the infection took hold. Mum is going to check it every day and at the first sign of it starting to swell again I shall be back to the vet.

Lovely walk

Because it was hurting so much I’d asked not to go out for walks for a few days. Now that’s all behind me and we can get back to normal. I can even jump in and out of the car again without using the ramp, which we’re all happy about.

We immediately went off to the racecourse for a nice walk. That was partly because we do like it there and partly because with all the rain we wanted somewhere it wouldn’t be too wet to walk. I honestly feel so much better for a good walk. It meant I pooed lots too. I hadn’t realised how bunged up I was feeling and it was a good job Mum had taken a whole roll of poo bags with her. After the fifth she did say enough was enough.

Cutting the hedge

We got back from our walk in plenty of time for Ari to supervise Mum cutting some of the hedge. We have a lot of hedge to cut, so it’s going to take a number of days as Mum gets tired doing it. She’s got a new ladder especially for uneven ground and she’s a lot safer doing the work now than she was, which I’m very pleased about.