Perfect Blue Sky – Sunday 26th November 2023

Perfect blue sky

Yesterday was a day with a perfect blue sky. It was one of those days which remind Mum and me so much of my beloved homeland of Switzerland. Being outdoors, however cold it is, still feels good. Mum got up early and ran some errands to get them out of the way and then as promised spent the day with me and Ari. We went to Oakley Woods first. Ari didn’t come for that bit. Mum and I love walking through woodland in the sunshine. I can’t begin to tell you how lovely it was. It’s not as lovely as my mountain would have been, but it comes close. Then we went to the farm shop, although I stayed in the car for that part.


The early afternoon was a blissful time of gardening for Aristotle. He helped Mum prune a plum tree that is getting a bit bigger than it should be and then they raked up some leaves and apples. Mum wondered why there was some well rotted compost outside the compost bin and asked Ari if he’d been moving any. It turns out something has burrowed in or out of our compost, but we aren’t really sure who or what it was. If it’s dry today I think they want to finish weeding and cutting back the herbs. Mum says if the weather is really nice again we might go somewhere different for a walk, but I don’t think the forecast is so good.

Missing Dad

We’re all missing Dad. He went away for work and because he’d got to go to Vienna on Sunday and was in Amsterdam last week, he has gone straight there so he can spend some time looking around. He has snow where he is, which just makes it worse that he’s not here as I want snow too. Mum says she will stick with the blue sky if the choice is that or snow.



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