Yay for the weekend – Saturday 25th November 2023

Yay for the weekend

Yay for the weekend. We have never enjoyed them as much as we do at the moment. When the builders leave on a Friday the party begins. Ok, so it’s not exactly a party. Mum shuts the gates and it’s just us from then on. She does open them when we need to go out, but otherwise they stay resolutely closed. We all feel a bit of a sense of relief for these two days. Mum has said to make the most of this weekend, because the beginning of next week will be especially crazy. Neither me nor Ari are looking forward to it. It will be much worse for him as at least I’ll be going out for some nice walks.

Christmas lights

Ari has convinced Mum to help him put up all the battery operated Christmas lights this weekend. He wants them all round the trees in the garden. At least is they’re only doing the battery operated ones it shouldn’t take them too long. I think Ari wants to get some other gardening done too as long as the weather is good. He says his bottom is really very uncomfortable and it will help him to take his mind off things. I suspect that he wants to find some old apples that have turned to cider too – that should take his mind of his bottom.


I had been really looking forward to going to see my friends and family in Switzerland in January, but Mum says we aren’t going after all and I’ll have to wait until later into next year. It’s mainly because of all our building work and I can see that it’s not a great time to go, but my friends keep sending me lovely pictures showing wonderful blue skies and I really do miss it very much.



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