The opposite of Saturday – Monday 27th November 2023

The opposite of Saturday.

Yesterday was the opposite of Saturday. On Saturday the sun shone all day. I’ll grant you it was cold, but it was a beautiful day that made us all want to be outside. Yesterday the sun didn’t obviously shine at all. Although the weather app on Mum’s phone said it was a dry day, there was a heavy drizzle all day and it was most certainly not dry. It was the sort of day when none of us wanted to be outside. It would have been the perfect day to sit in front of a log fire if we had one – but we don’t.

Mum said we should have all just stayed under the duvet, but as she got up there wasn’t a whole lot of point in us staying there.

Now it’s Monday

Now it’s Monday and a week of madness lies ahead, whatever the weather decides to do. We asked Mum to run through with us what to expect this week, but she only got as far as saying that from this morning the back door will be out of operation and we stopped her there. To go out to the garden we will have to go out of the front door, round the skip, through the mud, over the boards the builders are using so they don’t churn up the grass and then through a gate in some temporary fencing.

Mum has also said that when we go round when the workman are here we mustn’t scare them witless with our shouting at them. She is such a spoilsport. I can’t help wanting to tell them this is my house. Apparently I’m doing it too loudly and not at all politely. Ari is only slightly better. It doesn’t hurt to keep them on their toes



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  1. Hey, Wilma. Just had to chuckle. Any workman, or anyone for that matter who comes near this house really gets it big time. I’m always impressed when deliverymen don’t jump back over the wall when I surprise them. Reggie the border terror tries to help, but he’s a bit squeaky compared to me. Love Dexter.

    • Oh Dexter, just think of the mayhem we could cause together. Today one of them thought about coming up to me. I told him. He won’t try that again any time soon.
      Love Wilma

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