Rest in Peace Rafa – Thursday 7th December 2023


Rest in Peace Rafa

Rest in peace Rafa. We heard from his family that he died last month of a tumour on his spleen, which is the same as happened with his mother. Poor old Rafa must have been ill while he was staying with us and just didn’t tell us what the problem was. Aristotle is feeling a bit out of sorts to lose another of his full siblings. He still has two, Sogi and Amigo. Rafa was just over 12 years old so not a bad age, but of course that’s no consolation to Ari as that’s his age too.


Not a good day

Yesterday wasn’t a good day in some other more minor ways too. Firstly the builders went through our telephone and internet line. None of us knew that the line was just there, but sadly we do now. We have to wait until tomorrow for an engineer to come out and hopefully fix it. Until then we all have to share Mum’s mobile phone signal.

And then it got worse

Mum was feeling pretty frustrated by that when I made things a whole lot worse. This diet thing is still getting me down. Yesterday was cold and I’m always more hungry on cold days. I could smell that Mum had had some maple syrup on some oats earlier. She hadn’t washed the plate. I argue that it’s her fault for not washing up. She sees it differently. Apparently dogs should not be up on kitchen work surfaces. When did that rule come in?

Anyway, I was caught red pawed. The red was blood as I cut myself on the pieces of plate and mug that somehow spread themselves over the kitchen floor. Yes, it was Mum’s favourite mug and yes it was Mum’s favourite plate. But let’s focus here guys. I cut my paw. I deserved sympathy not being told off. To be fair as soon as the danger was addressed Mum did check all my paws and bathed the one I’d cut in salt water. I think it’s ok, but she says we’ll keep an eye on it.



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