Not supposed to happen – Wednesday 6th December 2023

Not supposed to happen

Some things are just not supposed to happen. One of those was the shower screen door falling off. By a stroke or luck it was on one of the few mornings I didn’t decide to sit on the bath mat outside the shower waiting for Mum. That was good on two counts, firstly, it didn’t fall on me. More importantly however, it also meant I could in no way be blamed for it falling off. Thankfully the screen itself didn’t break. That would have made last year’s exploding chopping board look like child’s play. However, the bad news is that Mum doesn’t think it can be fitted back. She’s trying to find the right fixing for it, but as there’s no make on any of the parts, that’s easier said than done.

Countdown to…

You might all think we’d be counting down to Christmas and, to be fair, I think me and Aristotle are. We’re both hoping Santa Paws won’t forget us. Mum however is setting her sights a little sooner. She is counting down to the shortest day of the year and the knowledge that after that she can enjoy a whole six months of focussing on the days getting longer. Bless her, she really is not a fan of dark days. We all do our best to cheer her up, but it’s hard work. On the bright side at least November is firmly behind us, which is a start. Now we just need some sunshine and things will get much better.

Christmas cooking

What has really excited me is Mum saying she’d like to do some cooking for Christmas. Bring it on – that’s what I say. As long as she’s cooking things which are at least dog-safe then count me in. There are a lot of things around at Christmas which can be very dangerous for dogs, but I’m pleased to say that Mum is not likely to be focussing on those. A lot of the time the things which are toxic for us are toxic for her too, which makes her understand the problem better. It is worth thinking about if you’re going to be baking – things like currants, raisins and sultanas which are used a lot at Christmas can be deadly to a dog.

Onion can be pretty bad, so be careful with the gravy and stuffing too. Oh and we can’t have chocolate either.

Also, whatever Aristotle might tell you, it’s best not to let us near the alcohol!



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  1. Hey Wilma, only another 11 days before the days start getting longer again! Tell mum to hang on in there!

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