Christmas Walk – Friday 8th December 2023

Christmas walk

Would I like to arrange a Christmas walk and see if any of my friends want to come? What sort of question is that to ask a girl? Of course I do. Mum says I can choose where to go and then she’ll write to my friends to see if any of them are free to join me for a walk. Now the problem is that there are lots of places I want to go and I keep wondering which will be the best to make sure some of my friends can join me. I think Mum might have given up waiting for me to decide and made a decision for me, but she says she’s not telling me where we’re going just yet. I do hope some of my friends can come as it feels like ages since I’ve seen many of them.

Ready for a break

Ari and I are ready for a break from all the building work. Mum says the good news is that there are only two more weeks until there will be a break for Christmas. The bad news is that during that time there will be more people doing work inside the house rather than outside. I’d like to say we’re getting used to it, but the reality is that we aren’t. We’re just not the sort of dogs who embrace complete strangers coming into our territory. Part of our job is to take care of our humans and it’s hard to shake off the feeling we should do that all the time.


I love how clumsy Mum is. Ok, so I seem to break more crockery than she does, but aside from that. Yesterday she was making some toasted oat cereal and when it had cooled she was putting it into jars – except she missed. She had the choice between getting the dustpan and brush or letting me sort out the problem. She chose the latter which was fine by me as I really do like oats. I know it’s not good for my diet, but it wasn’t that many in real terms.



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