Left out – Thursday 16th May 2024

Left out

Yesterday I was left out. I suppose that’s not really fair, as I was left in charge of Dad and that’s not an easy job on any day. Dad’s back is bad again. We have been comparing notes on bad backs, although have completely different problems. He is currently flat on his back and not able to do much. As long as I’m careful I’m definitely fitter than he is. Anyway, Mum was going to visit some puppies and asked if I’d mind staying to look after Dad. It did make sense as I would not have wanted to stay on lead and be calm when there were other dogs to play with.


The worst part was Mum coming home completely smitten by the puppies she’d met. Not just the puppies she went on and on about all the dogs. There was a lovely boy called Tsjerno. He’s father of a litter of puppies in the UK, so he wanted to know how his own children were doing.

Penny, a puppy who is coming to live in the UK was very loving and cuddly according to Mum. Her brother was a little more wary until he got to know Mum a little, but was just as nice then. He’s going to live in France. Their Mum, Mette, was there and a half-sister called Ullien. I could smell all of them on Mum when she came home.

Nice walk

Mum did cheer me up by taking me for a nice walk in the forest when she got back. It had been raining, so there were the lovely smells of damp leaves and the freshness that comes with spring showers. I do love this time of year. Mum says it’s her favourite season and I think I can understand why that is. I like all of them in different ways, but there’s a lot to be said about the start of longer days and new growth on plants.



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