The colour has gone – Monday 18th December 2023

The colour has gone

Dad summed things up by saying the colour has gone out of our house at the moment. I know we like the quiet of when the builders have gone, but at the moment it is all a different type of quiet. I fall asleep in whatever room I’m in and can’t be bothered to go after Mum if she moves. Usually, Ari and I would be competing to be nearest to Mum, so we’d all end up tripping each other up. Now there’s no competition and I would always win. It means there’s no point. Mum even had to come back downstairs after Dad went to bed to get me to go up with them, which is just unheard of.

Trying to do fun things

We are trying to do fun things to cheer ourselves up. At the moment we’re trying to come up with lots of new places to walk. Saturday was Charlecote, where I have been before but don’t go often. Yesterday was a place called Crow Mills near where Mum grew up. She wanted to do some research for the book she’s writing and as the old railway line has been turned into a walk and then there is a neighbouring bridleway walk, we all went to have a look. It was surprising how quiet it was. It was fun to have different places to sniff and have Mum tell us about the things she used to do when she was a child.

What I really need

What I really need is a trip to my homeland and to see my family. That would really cheer me up, but sadly we cancelled that plan for the time being. I think if Mum had known what was going to happen she probably would have found a way for us to do it. She’s promised we will go soon. I’ve already been in touch with my friends Salvo and Izzy about meeting up with them and I’ll contact other friends too if Mum can give me their email addresses.

I know Ari wouldn’t want me to be so sad. He was such a generous natured dog, but we miss him so much.



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