Parcel from my mama – Tuesday 19th December 2023

Parcel from my mama

Yesterday I received a parcel from my mama Susi. She has sent me a calendar of lots of my friends and family in Switzerland. She’s the star of the June page, which is when her birthday is. I think I’m going to hang it by the side of my bed and keep it on the June picture all year. It was lovely looking through all the pictures with Mum and thinking of all the beautiful places that we hope to visit again soon. I might write to Santa Paws again to ask him if we can have that as our present.

Countdown to Christmas

We’re starting to countdown to Christmas. Mum and I are trying to focus on all the good things in life at the moment to cheer ourselves up. Firstly, Friday will be the shortest day of the year and that is only three days away. After that, we can start to be grateful for a whole six months of days getting longer. Secondly, after Friday we will have more than a week with no builders around. We have some very good plans for that time, including not having to get up so early and not having to cope with so much banging and drilling.

Thirdly, we all looking forward to time spent with our human family. Granny will be here for some of the time, which will be lovely. What I really look forward to though is seeing my human aunt. She came with Mum to Switzerland to collect me over eight years ago, so I have a bit of a special place in my heart for her.

Planning our menus

Mum isn’t going too mad on food for Christmas. She hates anything being wasted and can’t eat a lot of the things herself. Instead she and I are planning a girls baking day on Saturday to make some of the things that she will be able to eat. The good thing for me is that generally if it’s safe for Mum then it’s also safe for me.

Dangerous Christmas Food

I do hope all you pups out there are remembering just how dangerous a lot of foods that humans eat at Christmas are for you. Please don’t take any risks. No one wants vet visits for emergencies at any time, but least of all Christmas. There are lots of things to think about but on the very dangerous list are:

Currants, sultanas, raisins, grapes, onions, turkey bones, chocolate. It isn’t just in their raw state, remember anything which includes them is bad too – no sausages, gravy, or stuffing – they all contain onion. No mince pies, Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. Oh and stay off the wine!

Please stay safe pups.



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