2024 Resolutions – Monday1st January 2024

2024 Resolutions

Mum sat down with me to write my 2024 resolutions. As usual she has made quite a few, but I’m pleased to say that as long as she keeps them I stand to benefit. First of all I’m making just the one. I’m going to be a good enough girl to be allowed to have my own puppy. As it is such a difficult one I think that is quite enough for me to work on. To be quite honest some of Mum’s are joint ones and will present enough of a challenge for me.

Resocialisation and Training

Alarmingly one of Mum’s resolutions is to ‘resocialise and train Wilma’. She softened it a little by explaining that really she needed some of the resocialisation too. With Covid we just didn’t go to as many places or do as many things. Dad was away quite a bit, so there was Mum, Ari and me, and of course Shadow, in our own little bubble. We were happy, but it wasn’t entirely a good idea. By the time we were ready to do more, I had a lot of bad health in the first half of the year and then we had Rafa staying and then the stress of the builders. I can see why Mum thinks we need to do some work on it.

A day off a week

The one I like best of Mum’s is that she is going to take a day off each week. Other than helping me with my diary, she won’t spend her day writing or doing housework. It will be a day we can go out and do something different, or just sit at home and chill out together. We may spend some of them gardening, but the important thing is that it will be a day for Mum and me every single week. I do hope she keeps that one as I like the sound of it.

Mum has made lots of others, but I don’t think she’d want me to share her list. The good news is that there are other ones on it I like too, including going to Switzerland every year. I’m feeling optimistic that it’s going to be a good year.

Have a very happy new year everyone and I hope it’s a good year for us all.



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