Salcey Forest – Sunday 31st December 2023

Salcey Forest

Salcey Forest was totally pawsome. There were nine of us Entlebuchers as well as some Bernese and a Poodle. We had a wonderful time. I enjoyed catching up with my friend Albert as well as making new friends. I had a wonderful time running with Ziggy, Toby and Albert. Ziggy and Toby are a year old and I could keep up with them. I felt so pleased with myself. It showed me just how much fitter I am now than I was a year ago. Mum says we need to work on me getting some of my confidence back as well now too.

We followed the yellow route around the forest and it was well marked with a good path. Ziggy had brought a small human in a push chair so we didn’t want it to be too muddy. There are other routes and we might try a longer one another time, but we were walking for just over an hour with lots of running around too.


There were three puppies from the last litter born in the UK. Ada, Arnie and Otto were really very cute. They are still at the age where they don’t really cause trouble and need carrying for some of the time. They weren’t at all concerned about the big dogs, although I suppose having spent their early time around Bernese, adult Entlebuchers don’t seem quite so large.

It rained some of the time, but no one really minded and we all got very very muddy, which was great.

Papa Rolex

What was sad yesterday was that I heard yesterday that  my Dog Father, Papa Rolex died this year. I didn’t know, but it happened three months ago when he was only 11 ¼. He was a very clever dog and had won lots of trophies in dog events. I’m glad I at least had the chance to know him.

I also saw a photo of my brother Woodstock. He is a lovely looking boy. Mum says I would say that as our faces are quite similar. It’s more than that though as he looks very strong and fit too. I’ve not seen him since we were puppies. It would be nice to catch up.



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