Wild Wilma – Friday 7th April 2023

Wild Wilma

Wild Wilma had her appointment at the vet yesterday. She will kill me if she realises I’ve used her puppyhood nickname, but Mum said there was no other way to describe her. Needless to say her vet visit did not go well. To say she is fed up is a very big understatement. The healing process for her eye is not going to plan. When she got to the vet she was out of sorts and barking at everyone and everything. Then she was feeling insecure and tried climbing on Mum’s knee in the consultancy room rather than letting the vet examine her. In the end she was taken through to the back so Mum wasn’t there and Wilma had to be a big girl about the process.

Not healing

Although some areas of her eye are beginning to heal, some parts are sort of bubbling – although I don’t fully know what that means. They had to clean some more of the surface and have fitted another contact lens to protect it. Wilma will lose it, we know she will. She is trying to find anything and everything to rub her eye with and it’s driving Mum mad.

Anyway, the vet says she will look at it again next week and we may need to decide between it taking weeks to heal or Wilma being referred to an eye specialist for a different operation. Wilma doesn’t like either option. She just wants to be cone free and be able to have a good run. She’s so miserable.

Some good news

At least the lump on her shoulder is just a cyst or a benign tumour of some sort. However, the lab did advise having it removed. Mum says for the time being Wilma is coping with enough and whilst it isn’t a problem they will leave it alone. They can come back to making a decision on that particular problem once Wilma’s eye is sorted!



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