Sutton Hoo – Sunday 7th January 2024

Sutton Hoo

Today we went to Sutton Hoo. To me it was just a fantastic place to go for a walk. To my humans it meant educating me along the way. It’s an Anglo-Saxon burial ground. The lovely thing is that most of the site is dog friendly. There are only a couple of parts that dogs can’t go inside. One of those was the main museum exhibition of artifacts that were found there, so Mum only went into that for a short time. The other was the house where the person lived who used to own the land when it was all discovered. Mum sat outside with me while Dad went round. We talked about what life might have been like back then – about 1400 years ago.

My kind of people

I came to the conclusion that the people at the time might have been my kind of people. For one thing their Royal Family in this area were called the Wuffings. How perfect is that? The people spent almost all their time outdoors. It was a nice sunny day yesterday even if it was cold and the thought of an outdoor life didn’t seem so bad. We had all expected it to be very muddy, but as it turns out the land drains very well, so it wasn’t even all squelchy under paw. We’d have needed some sort of shelter for night times, especially if there were wild boar about, but basically the life didn’t sound bad at all.

Becoming more human

Mum is concerned that now I’m an only dog I’m becoming more human. When we were waiting for dad, Mum sat on a bench – so I sat on the bench next to her. Where we are staying I wanted to sit on the settee but was told that was not allowed, so I went and sat on one of the other chairs instead. What is the point of being an only dog if you can’t get away with doing more of the things your human does?



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