Wrong side of bed – Monday 8th January 2024

Wrong side of bed

Mum thinks I must have got out of the wrong side of bed yesterday. I don’t know what it was, but I had a really jumpy sort of a day. I’d been doing loads better and Mum has been working hard to help me feel relaxed around strangers and dogs, but yesterday just didn’t work. I think maybe it’s just too many new things all at once.

Framlingham Castle

We started by going to Framlingham Castle. It is very impressive with complete walls all the way around. What would have been brilliant was the fact that it is totally dog friendly. I could even go into the exhibition and up to the walls themselves. Mum was discussing how I felt about going up the spiral staircase. We concluded I’d probably be better with it than she was. I didn’t get that far though. I barked at the man who was telling us where to go, for which Mum apologised. But I overreacted to the sight of a Golden Retriever who was looking at the exhibition and Mum decided she and I would stay with the outdoors parts.

As it turned out the walk around the outside of the walls was quite difficult and steep and hard on Mum’s knees. Then I barked at a man whose jacket I didn’t like, so I went back to the car to wait for Dad.


Aldeburgh would have been much better if the weather hadn’t been so bad. It was raining and the wind was really strong. You had to be insane to want to go for a walk all along the beach – so we did. It’s a wide shingle beach and dogs are only allowed on it out of season. There is also a walkway along beside it, so you’re still fine at other times. We walked from a car park by the beach away from the town all along the front. There were lots of places selling fish and I was having a good sniff. Dad went in to see the lifeboat station and Mum and I kept walking.

We were walking into the wind on the way back, so I wasn’t sorry to get back to the car. I was definitely tired. I thought the best bit was the beach, but Mum really liked all the brightly coloured buildings and hearing the seagulls overhead. How she could hear them over the wind I don’t know, but she said she could.



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