Back at the castle – Tuesday 14th May 2024

Back at the castle

Today I was back at the castle today. This is one of the best things about where I’m staying. If I drank beer I might have a different view as there is a Trappist beer that Dad likes called Westmalle, which is made just down the road. Mum and I don’t drink beer, so our list of best things is different. Ours includes traffic free woodland walks and castles where we can sit and have a drink. I had water and Mum had coffee.

Beautiful Woods

The woods around here really are beautiful. The walk took me ages because there’s so much to sniff. Mum had to wear a mask for most of it as all the rhododendrons are out and while they look beautiful, she is allergic to them. She said it reminded her of when they lived here. They are a beautiful purple and are absolutely everywhere. We might choose a different month to come next year to make life a little easier.

Walking is really easy as everywhere is flat and there are lots of cycle routes that are well looked after and have a good surface to walk on.

Rumble of thunder

We nearly didn’t go because there was a rumble of thunder when we set off, but thankfully it was only the odd one or two. It was warm, but in the shade of the trees it wasn’t too hot, so we were fine. I think the forecast for today is a little hotter, so I’m not sure what the plan is. Mum is hoping to go into Antwerp, but she says there is an underground car park where I’ll be safe for an hour or two. I won’t mind having a bit of a rest if I’m being honest. I don’t want to overdo things.



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