Who is important here? – Saturday 6th January 2024

Who is important here?

Who is important here? That’s what I want to know. ‘Let’s go out for brunch,’ they said. ‘There’s a really good bakery, serving fantastic looking food,’ they said. I’d already had breakfast at 7.30am as usual, but you know me where food is concerned. I could easily put away a second meal and it was going to be close to lunchtime anyway. I put my harness and lead on and waited patiently by the front door until we were all ready. I’d even checked to make sure the café was dog friendly, just to be on the safe side.

Two Magpies Bakery

The Two Magpies Bakery is only a few miles from where we were staying, so it only took ten minutes to get there. I’d read the menu before we went and I don’t mind telling you I was salivating at the prospect of what they served. Now is the bit you are going to find hard to believe. I was left in the car. My humans went and had brunch without me. Oh it’s all very well them telling me the food was excellent and they were impressed by everything about the café, but what about me? It’s not like Mum hadn’t already had breakfast as well.

At the end of her meal Mum came out and said to me that it was so good she wanted to lick her plate. I gave a slight cough. I don’t think she got the point, but isn’t that my job? The worrying thing is that they said they might go back for another breakfast as they enjoyed it so much. What is a girl to do?

Back at base

We all decided as there was lots of flooding on the roads and it was still raining, that we would have a quiet day at the cottage. I particularly like the bed that is provided for me. I’ve taken to it so much that Mum even looked at the make, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore, which is a real shame. Ok, I know I’ve got more than enough dog beds already, but doesn’t every girl like a new one once in a while?



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