Change of Plan – Tuesday 9th January 2024

Change of plan

Yesterday involved a change of plan. In truth it involved several, but I’m not going to accuse my humans of being indecisive. The plan had been to do the long walk at Dunwich. It seemed like quite a good plan, but for the strong easterly wind, driving snow and wind chill factor. Mum said we’d be better with a forest walk. Dad said we’d be better with a cup of coffee. I said I didn’t bring my coat. Mum and Dad went out for breakfast – without me again I might add and then we agreed that we’d go back to the barn to take stock. The barn was warm and cosy without a wind chill factor or snow, which rather swayed our thinking.

Snape Maltings

Mum decided that just sitting and doing nothing wasn’t the plan, so she found somewhere warm and dry to go to. I couldn’t complain too much, everything we’ve done up to now has been outdoor and centred around me. Snape Maltings is an arts and crafts venue, which is much more Mum’s thing than mine. I said I’d wait in the car, while Mum and Dad looked round.

I was a bit fed up as they came back saying they’d found some really comfortable settees that they quite liked. Fancy trying out settees without me there to give my views. They said the whole place was well worth a visit for humans. It’s an arts and crafts centre. If the weather had been nice it would have been good for me too as there are some walks from there too, but to be honest it was the sort of day none of us fancied being outdoors.

Home again

In another change of plan, we’re home again. We weren’t supposed to be driving home until this morning, but as there was building work where we were staying we decided to go home a day early. On the bright side, that now means we can go out somewhere else today and I’ve chosen Kenilworth Castle.



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