Vegetable Catch Up – Tuesday 7th May 2024

Vegetable catch up

We’ve spent the weekend playing vegetable catch up. I think Ari would be proud of us. On Saturday we got the big veg trough ready and planted the parsnips. We have some spare seeds, but Mum says we’ll use those to fill in any gaps as they come through. We planted different varieties so that if some fail, hopefully others will be ok. Then on Sunday we planted three small veg troughs with carrots – a different variety in each one. Yesterday we moved on to one of the big low level beds that Ari and I helped to make a year or two ago. In that one we’ve planted some of the squash seeds. Normally, we’d start them in the greenhouse, but this year for the spaghetti squash we have tried with planting them direct.

Spare seeds

We have spare seeds of all of the things we’ve put in, but we also have other beds we can’t get to at the moment. Mum is hoping that by the time we come back from Belgium we can move some of the things to the new patio and then plant a second lot of veg then. If there’s time today we’re going to more on to ones we need to plant in the greenhouse. We have some aubergines that should already be in pots, but hopefully we aren’t too late. We’ve never grown them before. Ari did order some more broccoli, but we might give that a miss this year.

Letting the grass grow

Mum is thinking of letting the grass grow. I don’t mean she’s choosing the route of no mow May. This is more of a long-term thing. There is a large corner of a border which has spent a lot of time waterlogged and where the plants of died. Mum was thinking of building it up into a higher level rockery, but she’s decided to stop fighting its return to nature. She’s going to tidy it up and return that corner to grass instead. It will be easier to look after and its trying to do that of its own accord anyway. At least it will mean I won’t be told off for going onto the garden just there.



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