Busy Day – Monday 30th January 2023

Busy Day

Ari and I had such a busy day yesterday. We started by helping Mum to work out where the new cabin could go in the garden. Mum needed to make sure it worked before applying for the right permission to do it. “You hold the end of the tape measure, Wilma.” You can guess how well that one went. The tape measure reeled back into its container and we had to start again.

I think Mum was remembering back to the compost bin building escapade when she decided that the whole project would be better if we added some string. Anyway, the whole thing works quite well if you ignore little details like us living on a hill. At least Mum and Dad are having the good sense not to think about building it for themselves.

Vegetable beds

Ari then said while we’d already got the tape measure could we measure up for his new vegetable beds. He was convinced that he could fit three in along the line, but Dad said he wasn’t being very sensible and they’d be difficult to get to. I don’t think Dad was as concerned about Aristotle, but the tree branches would probably have poked Mum in the eye. I really must tell you about Mum being attacked by a joint of beef, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

New place to walk

Then we went on an expedition. We decided to try somewhere different for our walk and went to Stratford Greenway. I think it’s an old railway line that has been turned into a cycle route. You can walk for miles without meeting any traffic, so I was able to be off lead and have a good run around. At one point it was all very funny as I wasn’t really looking what I was doing and ran back and started walking with the wrong people before Mum called to me from a few meters further along. I must admit I felt pretty stupid and everyone was laughing at me. When everyone is wrapped up in winter clothes it can be hard to tell them apart.

We will definitely be going back to the walk as we all enjoyed it. We want to explore Stratford racecourse too, which is next to it on one side. And the river which is along the other side. Next time I’m going to remember which humans I took with me.