Gardening day – Sunday 14th January 2024

Gardening day

Yesterday was a gardening day. Aristotle would be so upset if he saw all the gardening jobs we need to catch up on. We made a good start and were out there for several hours. Removing the blanket weed from the pond was the first problem. It is really bad. Trying to use the net to get it all our was hard work. Mum says we have to have another go today before putting the barley straw in to clear the rest of it naturally.

After that we moved on to pruning some of the trees. Dad helped with that too. Mum and I couldn’t reach everything that needed cutting. The ones we were cutting down were ones that improve the view for some of our neighbours rather than ones we need pruned. Dad made a start on the first of the apple trees too.

Vegetable plans

Mum started teaching me about growing vegetables after that. I do wish Aristotle was still here. That was so much more his thing than mine. I like eating them, but I really don’t want the hassle of growing them. We cleared the trough of parsnips that had parsnip canker and dug through the soil. Mum wanted us to turn it over completely before it’s all replanted. Then we dug up the last of the potatoes and are going to eat them today.

Bird boxes

With the building work one of the blue tit nest boxes had to come down. Mum was upset as the birds have used it every year. She feels really bad that they will come back and find their house has moved. She’s put it back up now in a nice sheltered spot and is hoping they find it. The other nest box which had to come down is sadly broken. Mum has ordered a new one to replace it and a roosting pod for the robin. I asked if we could have one with a camera in it, but Mum said that was too expensive. I’m going to have to save a lot of my pocket money to have one of those.



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