We did it – Monday 15th January 2024

We did it

We did it – we fixed the vegetable trough. Ok, so I don’t think I did as good a job as Aristotle would have done, but at least I’ve managed to fix it. I felt quite proud of myself. If I’m being honest,  I didn’t actually do the sawing, or the screwing for that matter, but in my head I did the work. Mum says we won’t really know if it’s ok until we put all the soil back in. Because some of the trough is rotten, what we’ve done might not hold. At least for the time being it’s fixed.

We finished getting a lot of the blanket weed out of the pond too. Mum then put the barley straw treatment into the pond to try to kill it naturally. She’s ordered some barley bails too. It was lovely working together, talking about Aristotle and Grandpa too. Mum always thinks about Grandpa when she’s gardening.

Still shaking my head

I’m still shaking my head even though my ear doesn’t hurt so much. Mum is going to ring the vet for me today. She isn’t sure that the answer is for me to be sedated. She’s going to talk to the vet first and wonders if it might be an inner ear thing. I have no idea. I’m happier lying down at the moment which is one thing that has made mum wonder about inner ear. Maybe I should study medicine so I understand these things better. I wonder if a dog could enrol in college to train as a vet. You would think it ought to be possible, at least for us to treat our own kind.

Where I go for a walk is going to depend on the vet visit really. I’d suggested we could go somewhere different, but Mum says I’ll have to wait to see when my appointment is.



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