Vet Check – Tuesday 7th February 2023

Vet Check

Wilma went for her vet check yesterday. I’m pleased to report that the nurse says she’s doing very well. She has to go back again in a week and as long as all goes to plan she will be free to resume her normal activities. That gives me another week with my paws on the keyboard before she pushes me back off the stool. I don’t mind really, it is a bit much to have to write this every day at my age.

Wilma’s main concern from her check up was that she had to suffer the ignominy of a thermometer up her backside. The nurse was concerned she felt a little warm, but Wilma said she’d been sitting in a sunny spot while she was waiting. Anyway, her temperature was normal so the nurse was happy.


As a household we seem to have more cardboard than is reasonable to send off for recycling. That is until I need some. I need some large pieces of untreated cardboard to act as weed suppression. It’s no good, I can’t find any spare cardboard, let alone it being untreated. I keep saying to Mum ‘What about this box?’ only to be told that there are things in the box and I can’t just take it. I’m getting very frustrated. Whilst the weather is so nice I want to be outdoors filling my troughs with compost. Instead Mum says I have to be patient. How long as she known our breed? One thing we are not is patient!

Queue jumping

Wilma did find out how to queue jump when she went to the vet. Mum was waiting to check her in for her appointment, but Wilma had decided to have a jolly good bark. Before Mum got to the front of the queue, the nurse came through having heard Wilma and took them straight into a consulting room. I might give a try when I go for my appointment on Friday.

Love Aristotle