Dog behaviour – Saturday 20th January 2024

Dog behaviour

It’s weird how dog behaviour in the house changes according to how many there are. I am definitely becoming more human. I was one of a litter of five when I was born, so there were a number of us in the house. Then I moved to stay with my aunt Tosca and her household and was one of several there too. When I came to England there was Alfie, Shadow, Aristotle and me. With the exception of Alfie, who was always more human, the rest of us were definitely dogs. We were a little pack. We did what we were told by Mum, some of the time, but beyond that were happy to make up our own rules. Because Alfie was never fully part of the pack, that didn’t change until just over a year ago when Shadow died.

Two dogs

When there are two dogs, although you are still definitely dogs, you don’t behave like a pack. The pack instinct just doesn’t come to the fore in the same way. You’re really glad to have each other around and will have an odd game of tug, or chase but it’s not a constant tussle. When we were a whole pack it was hard to have toys around as we wrecked them in minutes with our play fighting and manic activity.

When it was just Ari we could play with our toys in a mainly companionable way and they were still in one piece at the end of it.

Only dog

Now I’m an only dog and there just isn’t the same level of dog behaviour in the house anymore. Oh, I can get Dad to come down to my level from time to time, but he won’t take a toy in his mouth and give it a good shake.

I’ve realised that little by little, in order to fit in, I’m having to become more human. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not unhappy with the situation. I’m just having to adjust and learn some new behaviours and rules. To be honest, I’m spoiled rotten, but not in a bad way. I still don’t get to eat at the table, although I’m working on that one, but I’m certainly part of all the key household decisions and I like that part.



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