Our internet is broken – Thursday 1st February 2024

Our Internet is Broken

Yet again our internet is broken and it really was one of those days yesterday. Mum and I got up early and had all sorts of plans for the day. We found the internet wasn’t working at just after six in the morning and that meant Mum having to start recording faults and asking for help. That never leaves her in the best mood.

Being asked if our router is plugged in is one of the quickest ways to get her annoyed. What she actually wanted to say was, why would she have wasted the last half an hour trying to get hold of a human being if all she had to do was plug it in? I did my best to calm her down, but then she found that an upgrade had broken some of her websites. That was hard to fix from a mobile phone. It was all downhill from there really.


We heard about a litter of puppies in Belgium a couple of days ago. It made me start to think about whether I could have one of those. I know Dad has said we can look at getting Biggles early next year, but Biggles would be a little boy and I’d quite a little girl. Mum is still saying it’s the wrong time for us to have a puppy and it wouldn’t be fair on the puppy. I know what I’d like to call her. I want to stay with the Flintstones theme and call her Pebbles. Mum likes the name, but she still says we need to wait.

Builders are like busses

It turns out that builders are like busses. They are all coming at the same time. They are all coming today. Dad’s got the right idea. He has disappeared to London. He has left me and Mum in charge, but mainly Mum. With them and the engineer coming to hopefully fix the internet I shall be keeping as far out of the way as possible.



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