Parsnip crisis – Sunday 22nd October 2023

Parsnip crisis

Ari is having a parsnip crisis. To be fair, I don’t think it’s actually the parsnips’ fault. The heavy rain seems to have caused the vegetable trough to have an existential crisis and it doesn’t think it wants to be a vegetable trough anymore. It has instead decided to become a pile of rotten wood. Thankfully Ari planted his parsnips in a liner, so they are all fine, just not quite where they’re meant to be and not easy to get to. Mum has said we’d be best to use that trough first and empty it before Ari tries to do any repairs.

Lots of Gardening

Mum says that as long as it’s not raining we can do lots of gardening over the next few weeks. We’ll go out every day from four when the builders finish. I’m just hoping that the water level goes down so we stop squelching everywhere. The annoying thing is Mum made apple clearing a priority, so I won’t be able to spend all the time grazing. She says with me doing so well on weight loss she doesn’t want me to spoil it.

Ari can’t work out where all the weeds have come from and he wants to sort those out, but Mum says he’ll have to wait until she’s finished the hedges first.

My leg

My leg is still a little swollen and there is still a hard area that Mum thinks might still be infection. It’s not nearly as bad as it was, but we still don’t really know the underlying cause. I’m still on antibiotics and will see the vet tomorrow morning. Mum is hoping they will do another ultrasound to see if they can see what’s happening. On the bright side she says I’ll be able to have my breakfast, so that’s fine by me.



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