Weekend of Visits – Friday 15th March 2024

Weekend of visits

I’ve got a weekend of visits booked to help Mum get back on track with her new year’s resolutions. I don’t know if it will be today which is declared to be officially part of February or if we’re doing that tomorrow. Either way, I’m rather hoping the weather won’t be as wet as it was in February. However I’m not holding out much hope. I know she’s got some special walks planned which I will enjoy, but still won’t tick off her boxes. She has said if it’s very wet I might have to sit outside while she finds an indoor place to visit. As long as I’ve been on one of the walks we’ve already talked about, I can handle that.

The search is on

Mum has started the search for our next Entlebucher puppy. That isn’t to say that we won’t still be looking for Biggles the Corgi. I think it means we are hoping to get Pebbles first. Of course, she might not actually be called Pebbles, but that was the name I chose. It’s to follow the Flintstone’s theme. Neither Pebbles nor Biggles could join us until we’ve finished the building work, but as Biggles will be Dad’s dog, he can’t come until Dad retires and we don’t know when that is going to be.

Pebbles may well be born in a different country. Mum has asked me if that is the case, will I mind going to stay somewhere for the extra time until she can get her pet’s passport and come to England. Obviously, I’d rather that was somewhere in Switzerland, but I guess I can find other places to explore if it’s not.

Very scientific

Mum is approaching her choice very carefully. After having both me and Megan who sadly couldn’t have puppies she is keen to do her best to find a puppy who can. I do hope she manages to. It would nice to be able to help raise puppies eventually, even if they aren’t my own.



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