Vegetable troughs – Sunday 5th February 2023

Vegetable troughs

I’ve started building my vegetable troughs. I can only show you the before photo. That’s not because I didn’t work hard, but quite the opposite. By the time I finished it was too dark to take a photo of where I got up to. I’ve nearly built one of them and it’s turning out rather well. There are just two more planks to screw in and that one will be done. Mum helped a little bit. To be honest it was a good job she read the instructions. I was going to do that boy thing of just getting on with it, which would have been a mistake. Some parts would definitely not have gone on the right way round first time if I’d done that.

Wilma update

It was a wonder I got anything done with Wilma keeping me awake by crying in the night. Of course I’m sympathetic that she was in discomfort and her painkillers had worn off, but I’d much rather she told me in the morning and let me sleep. Mum got up to her of course, she’s soft like that. I didn’t. I have asked Mum if she will close the doors to my room at night so I don’t hear it quite so much. You probably think that’s insensitive, but a boy needs his sleep.

Wilma is actually doing quite well. Mum says from what she can see everything is healing as it should. She’s having another check up with the nurse tomorrow, and may be given some more painkillers.

Entlebucher walk

Mum and Dad have gone out for a walk with some of our friends and family. I wish I could go, but my legs aren’t up to it. Poor Wilma is fed up as she’d been looking forward to seeing them all. She’s asked Mum to arrange another one for as soon as possible when she’s out and about again. I might try having a go with the screwdriver while they’re out. It would be a lovely surprise for Mum if I’d finished all the work before she came back. I wonder if I could do it on my own.

Love Aristotle

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