Today we put up a tent – Sunday 14th April 2024

Today we put up a tent

In the unexpected life I lead, today we put up a tent. It isn’t that the building work has got so bad that I need to sleep outdoors, although that was my first question. Next weekend, my human sister and one of my human brothers are coming to stay, along with their partners. Normally we’d have a spare room. At the moment we don’t, but we do have a tent. Now, bear in mind we’ve had the tent since before I was born and it’s never yet been used and you’ll see the problem. We need to make sure it hasn’t been eaten by mice for a start. This morning, the tent will be laid out on the lawn and my humans will attempt to put it up without deciding to get divorced.

I will of course offer to supervise, but I strongly suspect they’ll have enough ideas of their own.

The lemons are in their new home

I am pleased to say that the one job that was completed yesterday was the move of the lemons. It was fur-raising. Mum moved very slowly while Dad made sure the lemons stayed in place. They will need to move again when the patio is complete, but that shouldn’t be quite as traumatic. Now we just need to say if the one that’s poorly can be saved.

The tadpoles are growing

Meanwhile in the pond there is more new life than you can count. I don’t know if they are frogs or newts, we have both living here. Whatever they are there are thousands and they are all getting bigger. If they all survive I estimate they’ll be taking over in a few weeks’ time, which is a little worrying. What would life be like if we were ruled by frogs? I suppose never mind that, if they all survive and do that awful mating call thing at the same time, it’s going to get very noisy around here. Mum says she’d like to see at least one sitting on a lily leaf in the pond. I just hope we get a photo if it does,



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