Irony – Friday 24th February 2023


Yesterday Mum discovered the real meaning or irony. She was tired. There was one day that she didn’t have to get up early and that was yesterday. Her plan was to turn the alarm off when it went off and go back to sleep. It wasn’t a bad plan. We had been briefed and selected our spaces to curl up with her. There was just one small problem. Now, I realise the sensible thing would have been to turn the alarm clock off altogether, but Mum was worried that if she did that then she would forget to turn it back on and it really was the only day this week she didn’t need to get up early. Sadly, yesterday was also the one day that her alarm developed a fault.

Alexa STOP

When I say ‘alarm’ it is actually an Alexa. Sometime in the night it lost its connection to the internet but helpfully that didn’t stop the alarm from sounding to wake Mum. That’s where the help finished. The alarm wouldn’t stop. Not at all. Mum spoke nicely, shouted, swore at it. She even got out of bed, turned it off to reset the device and turned it back on again. She’d just got back into bed when the alarm started up again. She considered going to fetch the sledgehammer from the shed, but we reminded her that dogs are supposed to be a calming influence and helped to reset the device a second time. Unfortunately, after all that we were all wide awake, Ari and I were ready for breakfast and Mum realised her lie-in just wasn’t going to happen.

Update on seed planting

Aristotle has managed to plant 10 trays of the 23 packets he found so far. A number of them are carefully wrapped in polythene trying to germinate and he isn’t letting me lift a corner to see how they’re doing. He’s asked Mum if she can buy him some more seed trays as he’s rapidly running out.

Irony for Aristotle

These are just the ones to plant in February. Then he will go back through everything for the ones to sow in March. He really is going to need a bigger greenhouse. He’s a bit fed up as his seed potatoes aren’t looking good. They were in the packet they came in so long that ironically for Aristotle they had started to sprout before he was ready and now look as though they aren’t going to bother doing anything else. He’s asked Mum if he can have some more to try and this time will sort them out as soon as they arrive. Mum said she will think about it.