The move of the lemons – Saturday 13th April 2024

The move of the lemons

Today, if things go to plan, will be the move of the lemons. They have been in the lounge for the winter, which has not been ideal, but has been better than staying outside. One has almost died. The other is not too bad. Getting them into the lounge was easy. It was just up one step from the patio. Sadly getting them out is not going to be quite so simple. The doors from the lounge don’t exist anymore, but then neither does the patio. To get out they have to go across the lounge, up five stairs, through the dining room. That’s not all – then through the kitchen and hall before going out of the front door, walking the plank over the board which cover some holes and round to the back garden. What could possibly go wrong?

The weekend plans

The weekend plans involve doing very little other than moving the lemons. Mum is on antibiotics and taking it easy. Dad is worn out and taking it easy. I’m the one working hardest to look after my humans, but even then I have to take it easy because of my back. If the weather’s nice I think we should all sit outside, even if I do have to bring my blanket out to wrap around Mum. On the bright side, Mum did book our crossing with Eurotunnel for when we go to Belgium in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see my friend Cookie, although Mum has pointed out that I won’t be able to wrestle with her and chase around.

Our Club

Our Club has its Annual Meeting tomorrow. The sad bit is that it will be online so I won’t get to see my friends. To be fair, one of the reasons it’s online is because we used to shout our way through the meeting, which the humans found a little wearing. If only we could learn to be restrained when we are excited.



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