A very brave girl – Tuesday 16th April 2024

A very brave girl

Mum said I was a very brave girl yesterday. I went for my first session with the physiotherapist. I wasn’t good in the waiting room. We had to sit outside again because I was feeling very vulnerable and was barking at every dog around. Mum says we will work on that when I’m not in pain anymore. We have so many appointments coming up that we’ve even talked about how we might use those to get me back to normal.

A very brave girl

My assessment

First of all I had an assessment with the physiotherapist. She was really lovely, which helped me to relax a little. She asked me all about life at home and I was as honest as I could be. Then she had me walking up and down the corridor, then trotting, so she could look at my gait. After that I had my hands on examination. She moved my legs and neck in different directions to see my range of movement and what hurt. Some of it hurt very much, but I just told her really nicely when that happened.

Then we sat down and had a talk and she explained all the things I’m doing to compensate for the pain in my back.


Our next step was to set me up with some exercises that I have to do 3 repeats of, 3 times a day at home. Mum is going to have to help me, but I completely understand what’s needed. We are going to do them around my meal times so Mum can use my kibble rather than any extra treats as rewards. It seems mean, but I understand why she’s doing that.

Laser treatment

After the exercises I had my first session of laser treatment on my back. Mum and the physiotherapist had to wear special glasses, but I just had to stay still and look at Mum. I like doing that so I didn’t mind. The laser was a bit of an odd, but not unpleasant feeling down my back and went on for 8 minutes. I have to go back twice more this week, then twice next week and once the week after. Once we get to the end of the course of laser treatment I will be reassessed with the physio and am booked in with the consultant straight after my holiday.

Now I just have to hope it all works.



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