Good days – Friday 3rd May 2024

Good days

I’ve been having a few good days with my back. I have no idea why some days are better than others, but I’m definitely not complaining. Mum even found me happily sitting on the settee, which I haven’t been doing. The joy of that is it’s far easier for Mum to sit down next to me and have a cuddle than when I’m at floor level. And of course, cuddles are good. Now I just need my back to stay good until I can have my operation. Gentle exercise and lots of rest definitely seem to be the right approach at the moment.

Missing out

I’ve realised I’m going to end up missing out on our next fun day. It’s not like normal when we just go somewhere else. Everyone is invited back to our house afterwards to celebrate the Club’s fifteenth birthday. I’ll be here, but will be out of the way resting as it will only be a few days after my operation. It’s a shame, but I don’t suppose I can ask for everyone’s plans to be changed for me. On the bright side, knowing the date we have people coming is helping the builders to plan having things ready for the occasion.

Seed planting

I sent Mum to buy the compost that Ari said I’d need for seed planting. She came home with a car load. I don’t know how many seeds she thinks I’m going to plant, but it won’t be that many! I’m hoping Mum will lend me a paw either later today or tomorrow to start the planting. We did some weeding of the veg beds that are free to use, but some of them are still full of other plants, which really isn’t going to help. On the plus side, the border around the patio is being built at the moment, so maybe we can move all of those too.



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