Partly live willow hedge – Thursday 2nd May 2024

Partly live willow hedge

We don’t so much have a live willow hedge as a partly live willow hedge. I’m sure if Ari were still here to look after it then things would look very different. I just don’t have green paws -well except for where I’ve scrabbled around in the mown grass, they get very green then. Mum says it’s a start and it gives us something to work with. Ari planted some spare lengths of willow in a container and Mum says is we’re careful we might be able to use those to replace the ones in the hedge which didn’t make it. I suppose I should be impressed that any of it has grown at all, given it failed in the first year he tried. It’s just a shame he’s not here to see it all.

Better weather

Now we’re getting some better weather, Mum and I are both enjoying some gentle exercise outside each afternoon. Neither one of us is up to a great deal at the moment, but at least with me watching and Mum gardening things are beginning to look a little neater than they were. Mum says we’re very late starting to plant the vegetables this year, but we still can’t get to most of the beds they need to go in. She hadn’t anticipated the building work taking so long. We planted the potatoes, but nothing else has gone in yet. I think we’re going to try to get the parsnips and carrots started this weekend. Mum wants to get the squashes started in the greenhouse. Amazingly we’re still eating the ones that grew last year.

Mum’s jumper

Mum has been knitting a jumper for several years. She only knits a row or two a day. The front is done and most of the back – except she’s made a mistake. When Mum checked at what row on the back she had to do something different, it turns out that was fifty-six rows ago, so a month or two’s work. Now she has to undo all that so that she can get it right. She’s now trying to work out if shaping the armholes really matters or not. This could be a very long process.



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