Watching Mum work – Sunday 5th May 2024

Watching Mum work

I’m settling into Ari’s pawsteps and enjoying watching Mum work. To be fair, I offered to help, but the lack of opposable thumbs really does get in the way of some things. Using a screwdriver is one of them. Ok, so Mum has got an electric screwdriver, but it’s still not easy to use with paws. There really is little incentive to help when Mum has it covered. The box said it would take two people 50 minutes to complete. Mum was rather proud of the fact that it took her only 40 minutes on her own and even more so because it hasn’t fallen apart yet. It’s a storage box to keep the cushions and things from the outside bar.

Happy to see Dad

It has turned into a strange weekend as Dad’s lumbago kicked in as he was trying to get off the plane when he came home. A lovely man helped him from the plane all the way to get him into his car at the airport. I don’t suppose there is much chance you’re reading this, but if you are, we are all very grateful for your help.

When Dad got home he struggled to get out of the car and went straight upstairs to bed. Mum didn’t let me go up and see him, not even to say hello. By Saturday morning I was beside myself and even started whining. Thankfully, I was given a short visiting permit but it did mean me going upstairs. I was careful and didn’t hurt my back, so all was well. Once I’d hugged Dad and told him I loved him, I settled down again.

Lots of rest

I’d already said it was going to be a weekend of rest in this house, but it turns out to be even more so than planned. Mum has at least got up so we could have plenty of outdoor time together.



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