Sneaking upstairs – Monday 6th May 2024

Sneaking upstairs

I know I shouldn’t, but I keep sneaking upstairs to see Dad. I just wish he would come down to play with me, but that doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment. As soon as I hear him moving about in a morning, I become a coiled spring desperate to go to say good morning. Mum says she can almost see me quivering with my excitement. I know the doctor has told me not to do stairs, but what choice do I have? If Dad can’t come down then the only way I can see him is to go up.

I have to go when Mum isn’t looking or she tells me to do as I’m told. I am being careful and so far I haven’t made things worse. Mum has pointed out that it would only take one false move and I’ll be screaming again. She’s right, but it isn’t stopping me.

Getting excited

I’m getting excited about my trip to Belgium. It’s another reason Mum says I need to be careful. If my back got worse I wouldn’t be able to go and that wouldn’t be good news. I’m going to see my friend Cookie the Corgi, which is very exciting. I’m going to meet some Entlebuchers who I haven’t met before too. One of them has puppies at the moment and one of the puppies is coming to live in the UK. It will be so nice to tell her all the things she can look forward to when she comes.

We’re going to be staying in the same place we stayed last year, so at least all the walks will be flat and I have a good idea what it’s like. Mum says we will only walk as much as I feel able and I have to remember to tell her in plenty of time when I’ve had enough.



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