Rain stopped play – Thursday 23rd May 2024

Rain stopped play

Well rain stopped play yesterday. There we were hoping to continue with the grass cutting but we’d have been swimming in order to do that. The rain just didn’t stop. Even I didn’t want to stay outside for too long. I did need a rest day, so it wasn’t all bad. The previous day I’d move awkwardly and my back really hurt. I scream when it happens. Mum always comes running to me. It’s the most running I ever see her do. Anyway, I stood still for a while until the pain subsided and Mum soothed me. Then I was trotting around again more easily. It does make me hesitant to follow Mum upstairs or climb onto the settee when it happens. What was lovely was that Mum got the ramp for me so I could get up and sit next to her.

Getting exciting

The building work is getting exciting. It really does look as though phase one of the work will be finished in just a few weeks. I know I have to deal with phase two after that, but on the bright side my room will be finished and so will the garden room. It will also mean I can have most of the back garden back. Today some of the painting will start and we’ll start to see if we really like the colours we’ve chosen. I’ve got my paws crossed. My room will be in blues, so not too exotic. It’s the garden room that’s the biggest risk. Mum has chosen quite a loud colour that’s hard to describe. I just hope it turns out ok.

It will mean the patio is finished too so we can enjoy a summer with lots of time outside. I can’t wait to find out if the chair Mum and I share will fit on the patio. If it does then that’s my summer sorted.



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