My sister Tosca – Wednesday 18th January 2023

My sister Tosca

Yesterday I went to see my sister Tosca. Fortunately, whatever had upset my tummy was short lived and I was absolutely fine. It was snowing slightly when we set off, but wasn’t too bad. We drove over a very windy mountain road, which Dad likes much more than Mum does. Thankfully at that point the weather wasn’t too bad. There was a little more snow on the ground at Tosca’s house but not much.

Me and Tosca

Home from home

Oh it was so lovely to see her. Tosca and I are very similar in character and get on well. She lives with three others of our breed and as I lived there for a few weeks as a young puppy and have visited regularly I do feel very much at home. I’m as fond of her humans as I am of my sister. Whoopie one of her housemates was a sister of my aunt Megan and I’ve always got on well with her too. The other two housemates I have less in common with, but it was still good to see them.

Whoopie, me and Tosca


One of the cats was brought in to see us. I did not know what to make of that. I guess I was all right around cats when I was small, but it’s been a long time since I’ve spent much time with them. Now most of experience is the one who lives next door and sits waving at me through the window, which I do find a little annoying.

Snow storm

The journey home was much more of a challenge, with quite a snow storm going on in places. Fortunately it wasn’t so bad when we got home and we arrived back in the light. Mum says we’ve got more snow forecast, so I could be in for a snowy walk or two.