A funny start – Sunday 22nd January 2023

A funny start

Yesterday got off to a funny start. Mum was in her pyjamas, and because she had already taken me out, did at least have a jumper over the top. The first odd thing is that the jumper coordinated with her pyjamas far better than anything she went on to wear later, but that’s another story. Anyway, we were expecting the electrician to take down some light fittings at 9.30am. In England if you say 9.30 that means half an hour after nine. In Switzerland it means half before nine – so what Mum knows as half past eight. That shouldn’t have been a problem as the booking was all done by email. However, it all went a bit wrong…

Quick thinking

When the doorbell rang at 8.30 Mum realised what had happened and needed to think quickly. Putting me out of the way only took a biscuit in bribery, so that wasn’t a problem. Her pyjamas are decent and she rarely worries about how she looks, so that wasn’t a problem either. However, Dad was in the bathroom without all his clothes. That might have surprised the electrician just a little bit.

Mum in her very broken German guided the electrician upstairs to the lounge, just in time for Dad opening the bathroom door. She frantically signalled to Dad to go into the bedroom and carried on as though nothing had happened. By the time the lovely man had taken down the two lights in the lounge and went to the bedroom to do that one, Dad had some clothes on and the electrician was none the wiser.

Day recovering

After that we all spent the day recovering and laughing about it. I’m finding the packing a little bit disconcerting, but I’ve stopped thinking I’m being left behind, so I’m a little more relaxed. I did keep out of the way when Mum and Dad were doing a trial run of packing the car as that all got a bit fraught. It’s definitely going to be a funny week. At least today Mum and Dad are taking the day off to spend doing what I want, so playing in the snow it is then.