Sharing a bed – Saturday 6th April 2024

Sharing a bed

There is nothing I like more than sharing a bed, especially if it is with Mum. The sofa bed in the kitchen can be extended into a double bed. When you do that it is lower than having the mattresses on top of each other, so Mum thought it might be low enough for me to use the ramp to get on. She dutifully made enough room to pull it out and put the mattress on the easiest to get to part of the bed with a cover over it for me. I tried the new ramp, but sadly transferring to the bed I twisted and squealed in pain.

Upper body strength

Thankfully I have spent most of my life working on my upper body strength. I got Mum to move the ramp out of the way and then put my front paws on the bed and did a pawstand to lift my back legs up without bending my back. It was a move a gymnast would have been proud of. Mum says it’s not ideal and she’s going to make us a big floor cushion we can both sit on in the new room, but I’ll tell you about that on a another day.

Being close

Now being close to Mum is what I want above everything. Yes, I was delighted that she thought I could sleep on the bed near her. However, I thought maybe in her side of the bed completely touching her would be nicer. Now I feel a bit guilty. Mum didn’t sleep very well as she wasn’t prepared to push me back onto my own side as she would do if I didn’t have a bad back. She simply kept moving over and lying in ever more uncomfortable positions to give me more room.

We have now discussed this further and she has said in no uncertain terms that if I want to sleep close to her I need to stay on my own side. She says the same to dad when he spreads out across the bed, so I know she means it.



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