Thinking of Shadow – Monday 6th February 2023

Thinking of Shadow

Today we’re mostly going to be thinking of Shadow. It would have been her birthday today and it’s our first one without her. She was a good Mum even if she and I didn’t see eye to eye very much ever. I know she wanted the best for me deep down, she just had an odd way of showing it at times. Anyway, I miss her – we all do.

Coombe Abbey

Wilma is really sad to have missed the walk at Coombe Abbey yesterday. Mum said they all had a great time and came home wearing the muddy paw prints to prove it. I think I’d have enjoyed some of it but they walked quite a long way so it would have been too much.

Mum is trying to decide where to arrange the next walk for. She has a place in mind but needed to test it out with Wilma first. That’s not easy with Wilma being indisposed, so Mum may have to go on her own. Mum says she feels odd when she hasn’t got one of us with her. Bless her, I think we really are her assistance dogs.


Mum and I spent the afternoon in the garden. It went rather well. We have finished building the vegetable troughs. They just need moving into position and some of the turf digging out so that they are level. I did some unauthorised digging, but Mum said it was in the wrong place. You just can’t satisfy some people.

Mainly because I’m such a lazy dog, I’m going to try the no dig approach to these veg beds and put cardboard down to suppress the grass and weeds. As long as we’ve got enough compost to put on top Mum said it shouldn’t be a problem. I just need some cardboard which hasn’t been treated with chemicals. It rather spoils the whole organic gardening idea if I use treated cardboard.

Love Aristotle

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  1. Hi there,
    I can’t see you on Twitter so I have come to Facebook to see your posts. Thanks for your informative post, Aristotle. Will now go backwards in time to see what is the matter with Wilma.

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