She left us – Saturday 15th April 2023

She left us

She left us – Mum actually went out for the whole day yesterday and left us with Dad. Ok, so Dad is perfectly capable of looking after us, but Ari wanted Mum and she wasn’t here.

I know I should get these things into perspective. Mum fed us in the morning and did all our medication. She took us both outside. She also replaced Ari’s cone with one from the cupboard so he couldn’t hurt himself on the one he’d split. Mum did check his wounds, which seem to be doing very well, and left everything ready for Dad to give us through the day.

Weird without her

It was just weird around here without Mum in the house. We have been so used to her barely going out that it felt very strange. She says we need to get used to it as she has a couple of days out of the next few weeks.

She was home shortly after tea. It would have been in time for tea if the traffic hadn’t been bad. She did take us both out for garden walks and do our medication then too, so I don’t suppose we can really complain.

The biggest problem at the moment is that Ari is constipated. Mum says if he doesn’t go for a poo this morning then she will ring the vet to get something for him. He says he feels fine, but Mum says that’s not the point.

At least today is a normal day with Mum planning to be around for us all day and ready to tend to our every whim – just how it should be.



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