I have to run – Wednesday 15th February 2023

I have to run

I have to run everywhere I go. It seems I can’t stop myself. I just wasn’t built with a slow setting. Mum said if I could be a good girl then I could go into the garden without my lead on. The problem is that I can’t be a good girl. I just want to run and jump and show how wonderful life is. Consequently for the next week I’m back on lead. It’s frustrating for me and for Mum but it’s the only safe way.

Being on lead is actually harder than usual anyway. I can’t wear my harness. I find the harness is very comfortable normally and when the lead attaches to the middle of you back it doesn’t get in the way. With it attached to my collar, it hits my shoulder if I walk without pulling. That’s not an excuse to pull on the lead, I don’t really want to do that, but we’re having to work quite carefully between us so I don’t get fed up with the lead.

Lots of fun

Although losing Shadow was very sad for all of us, it does now mean we can go out more. It wasn’t that Mum wouldn’t take Shadow, but Shadow had reached the point where she found going in the car all a bit too much. Now, Aristotle and I have our things ready and are by the door as soon as anyone suggests an outing – unless it’s swimming for Aristotle when he’s not quite so keen!

We’re going to see my friends Salvo and Izzy in a couple of weeks. By then I shall be able to have a jolly good run around with them, which will be so good.

Overall, yesterday as Mum and I walked around the racecourse in the sunshine, we couldn’t help but reflect that life is good and we’re really very happy.



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