Village Walk – Sunday 12th March 2023

Village walk

Yesterday we had a village walk, following the circuit around our village. We haven’t done that one for ages and it was nice to be able to get out and pick up all the local news. I met two whippets who live in the road opposite ours. I wanted to play chase but they were on leads and Dad pointed out they were likely to leave me far behind in any race. I’d have given it a good try though. I think Mum should take me round the village more often so I can stay in touch with what’s going on near to home.


Before my walk Mum spent a couple of hours helping Aristotle in the garden. They really do seem to have an awful lot to do. I ran around and tried to make myself helpful but to be honest they did most of it without me. They pruned a whole load more roses, but still haven’t finished. One of the climbing roses has taken rather a battering in the snow, so is going to be a big job to cut back. Mum is planning to do that today if it stays dry.

They moved another three barrow loads of compost into the vegetable beds. They aren’t full yet, but they’re a lot closer now. I think they will try to finish that today too. I did help with that by eating the bits that were dropped along the way, to help keep everywhere tidy.


Mum wants to try to have another go at the live willow hedge today too. The only problem there is that she cut the willow back quite a long way late last year and she’s not sure she’s left enough branches. I guess there’s always next year, but then that’s what she said last year!



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