Another operation – Wednesday 3rd May 2023

Another operation

Tomorrow Wilma will go for another operation on her eye. The ulcer is under a surface layer which needs to be removed. At least I think that is what Mum said. It didn’t sound very nice so I stuck my paws in my ears so I couldn’t hear the gory details. I don’t know which part Wilma thinks is worst – the fact she can’t have breakfast, the fact she has to get up early to get to the specialist to be checked in or the fact that it will mean another 7-10 days recovery time in a cone! She is not a happy dog.

As if that is not enough, today she is going to our usual vet to discuss the new lump she’s found under her left leg.


On a brighter note I went swimming yesterday. It was the first time back in the pool after my own operation a couple of weeks ago. Before I got in the hydrotherapist asked how I’d been. Rather than answer her directly I just stood up and put my wet front paws on Mum. That would be ‘pretty well’ then really! I’m not going every week now, just once a fortnight to keep my fitness levels up. I don’t mind that too much.

When I got out of the pool I put my new dressing gown on, even though it was a warm day and I probably didn’t need it. I don’t get many chances to show it off and I wasn’t going to miss that one.

Planting out

The planting out of the squash plants has begun. Last year I got some of my labels confused so I didn’t know which was which. Guess what – I’ve done it again. I said to Mum she’ll find out once they’ve grown, but she was hoping to be a bit more organised than that. I need a better method of labelling everything. The problem is that it’s hard to write on the little labels with my paws. I do my best. Ok, let’s be honest I get bored and if there’s more than one tray I just hope I remember – which is fine until I shuffle them about when they are in the greenhouse.



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