Words of Advice – Thursday 16th March 2023

Words of advice

Granny has been giving me words of advice. She said the Collie I’ve fallen for might not have lost interest in me. He might just have been embarrassed because he was with his friends. She wondered if they might have been teasing him, so he was now playing it cool. That thought really cheered me up, as did all the encouragement from you all. Yesterday I didn’t go to the racecourse. Oh I wanted to, but I decided to play a little harder to get in the hope that he might miss me if I wasn’t there. The problem is, that I won’t know if it’s worked until I go back to the racecourse. He might just think I’ve gone off him or stopped going there. This love business really is quite complicated.

Reduction in swimming

Aristotle is delighted that now his legs are stronger he only has to go swimming once a fortnight. He does find it all very stressful and says that going less often will be great. He’s promised to work hard when he goes so that he gets the full benefit. Ari was really glad to have Alfie’s old dressing gown when he came out of the pool yesterday. He said it felt really cold outside after the nice warm water. He looks funny when he has the dressing gown on as it is way too big for him. He’s asked Mum if he can have one of his own for his birthday, but that’s another six months away.


Don’t tell him, but after he asked I rang Dad and asked if I could buy one for Ari so he had his own. I’ve ordered him a green one, with his name embroidered on it. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can surprise him.