A bit of an incident – Monday 1st May 2023

A bit of an incident

I had a bit of an incident over night on Saturday. It was my own fault, but I did try to do the right thing. It just went wrong – very wrong. Having not been out and about, I got rather carried away eating things in the garden. You know what it’s like when you have a sudden change of diet – adding fox poo, cat poo, pigeon guano along with the odd blade of grass is bound to have repercussions.

I didn’t feel too bad at bedtime. My tummy was a bit gurgly but nothing I was particularly worried about. Then things started to change.

A midnight call

I had one of those sudden feelings that any minute now I was going to need to go to the toilet. It was just after midnight and Mum was sound asleep. Dad hadn’t come to bed, so I decided that my best bet was to find him. I checked in the lounge, but he wasn’t watching television. I’d looking in the dining room on my way past but he wasn’t doing the jigsaw. Then I went upstairs and found him on the computer. He was in the middle of something and just thought I’d come to visit. By now things had got pretty bad.

Waking Mum

I ran back downstairs and barked in Mum’s ear to wake her. It did the trick. She got up and threw on her dressing gown to take me out. There was just one small problem. As I’d run around the house in search of Dad, I hadn’t totally managed to hang on and had left a trail of poo through several rooms. I’d kept most of it in so the clearing up wasn’t as bad as it might be. I went out and Mum made to follow to make sure I was ok. “You can’t go out like that,” said Dad to Mum as she followed me in dressing gown and slippers. She simply replied that it was perfectly normal for her to be out in the middle of the night dressed like that and carried on.

The clear up after the bit of an incident

Then the clear up began. It would have gone so much better if one of the screws in the carpet cleaner hadn’t been lose and when Dad came to carry it downstairs he was only holding the handle and the rest had somersaulted to the bottom. Amazingly, it still worked which Mum was very grateful for.

By the time Mum came back to bed I was already asleep. I think the moral of the story when you have a bit of an incident like this is that when you go to bed you should make sure your dog always knows where to find the back door key.



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