I’m Feeling Sad – Wednesday 15th March 2023

I’m Feeling sad

I’m feeling sad. We went to the racecourse for our walk yesterday. I was so excited when I saw my boyfriend up ahead. His human had stopped to talk to someone so I knew we could catch up. I was good, I didn’t tug on my lead and rush Mum along, even though I was tempted to. As it turned out, it was awful. He’s lost interest in me. How could he? I ran over to say hello and he just carried on talking to the rest of his pack and took no notice of me at all. I was bitterly disappointed. We walked on a bit further and I tried flirting with a black Labrador to make him jealous, but I don’t think he was even watching.

Dog Shows

It turns out that my short-lived dog showing career may not be entirely over. Mum has decided that we will try to qualify for next year’s Crufts. The first problem is that she wants me to be my ideal weight in preparation. The second problem is that I’ve gone a little grey since the last time I was in the show ring, so I hope that doesn’t go against me. We’ve been looking at the schedule of shows together to see which ones I should enter.

I saw some which I liked the look of, but Mum said they wouldn’t give me qualification for Crufts unless I won the whole show. Let’s face it, that’s never going to happen. It’s not that I couldn’t do that, but Mum has two left feet and she really is likely to let me down.


Aristotle is going swimming today and with how he is using his strengthened legs Mum isn’t sure it’s such a good idea. She’s asked him to promise to leave the compost alone, but you know Aristotle. He might look innocent, but he’s a mastermind of crime.