Hard Taskmaster – Wednesday 26th April 2023

Hard taskmaster

Mum says I’m a hard taskmaster. It’s her own fault for having slacked while I was recuperating. She claims it was because it had been raining, but I’m not buying that one. Thankfully it was sunny yesterday so I started to direct her in all the things she needed to do to catch up.

You wouldn’t believe how she moaned when she started aching from all the work. I’m pleased to say that one more session and she should have the vegetable patch weeded for me. I got her to cut most of the grass and sort some of the edges that needed cutting. Of course there will always be more to do but she made good progress. I’m just waiting for my replacement parsnip seeds to arrive so we can get those sorted too.

Lots of exercise

I did spend my day getting quite a lot of exercise. After having to rest, I needed to get the old joints moving again. Dad was surprised when I went upstairs to see him. To be honest, I was quite surprised I made it, but it was worth it for the cuddle and praise he gave me. Mum has booked me in for swimming next Tuesday so I’ve got that to look forward to as well – even though I will pretend I don’t want to go.

Now we just need Wilma back on her paws for the usual mayhem to resume.

Difference between boys and girls

I did observe a big different between boys and girls yesterday. The house over the road is being renovated. There were men working on the roof. When she was outside Wilma had a jolly good bark trying to get their attention and remind them they should at the very least be wearing hard hats. She really wanted them to think about the danger of what they were doing. My response was entirely different. I simply sat by the fence looking up at them in total awe of the way they were moving about on the roof and feeling just a little envious.

Love Aristotle

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