Aristotle has his Paws Crossed – Monday 24th April 2023

Aristotle has his paws crossed

Aristotle has his paws crossed for his vet visit this afternoon. He is hoping to get the all clear following his operation and we allowed to remove his cone. He’s not sure what he’s most excited about, losing the cone itself or being able to get back to gardening properly with Mum. He has also asked if Mum can book him back into swimming as soon as possible to help the strength in his legs.

I won’t say I’m not jealous as I’d be fibbing. On the bright side, Mum says my shoulder has now recovered enough for her to finish bathing it twice a day with salt water, so that’s one thing at least.

About the marrows

You have never seen anything like the rate of growth on the marrow seeds. It really is that if you turn your back for five minutes they grow while you aren’t looking. It’s helping to make up for the disaster that has been the parsnips this year. In fact despite Ari having his paws crossed for them too, they have gone so wrong that Mum has said Ari can order some more seeds as long as he’s quick about it. The problem has been that there are so many weeds growing in the home made compost that I don’t think they stood a chance!

Planning a walk

Mum said that as I couldn’t go on a walk I could spend some time deciding where to take some of my friends as soon as I’m ok again. It’s always so much harder with humans involved. I need somewhere with a car park, somewhere with toilets for humans. Ideally, somewhere that has a café too. Honestly, we dogs are so much easier. We just want somewhere to run, a bin for the poo bags and a bowl of water. I’ve found a couple of places but am waiting for Mum’s view on which is best.